Consumers Union's Facebook Privacy Event - Blog Round Up

On May 3rd, Consumers Union hosted "Facebook and Your Privacy: What every Consumer Should Know” from 6-8:45pm at New York University in New York City.

Featured speakers include Alfredo Lopez, co-founder of May First/People Link, a MAG-Net member and leader in the open source technology/culture movement. 

Gadgets of Distraction

By Arif Mamdani/ Reposted from http://abm.posterous.com/gadgets-of-distraction

Earlier in the week, Reverend Justin Schroeder, asked a simple question as part of his series of blog posts on spiritual practice. His question: "what's at the center of your life?"

I commented, asking whether center is determined by word, thought, or deed, and Justin agreed that it's action more than anything else that points the way toward what's central for us. As I read his thoughts on spirituality and the things we feed vs. the things we let lie fallow, I couldn't help but reflect again on my relationship to being connected.

Occupy Wall Street: Social Media's Role In Social Change

By Craig Kanalley / Reposted from Huffingtonpost.com

NEW YORK -- A panel on social innovation and social change started with a joke. A panelist said they should go the full hour without saying the word "Twitter. But Twitter, along with Facebook, were unavoidable terms that came up repeatedly in the discussion Thursday at an Advertising Week event at 300 Madison Avenue in New York City.

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