The Field & What's Needed

Big picture considerations of the collective work needed to transform media communication systems.

What's Next? Supporting the Evolution of Social Change Movements


A 2005 guide for philanthropists committed to positive social change.


This guide explores four possible approaches to building a broader, stronger, more successful progressive movement-and how funders can support that movement.

Together, We Know More: Networks and Coalitions to Advance Media Democracy, Communication Rights and the Public Sphere 1990-2005


"Together, We Know More: Networks and
Coalitions to Advance Media Democracy, Communication Rights and the Public
Sphere 1990-2005" is an oral-history report by Aliza Dichter. Case studies of past
efforts to coordinate public-interest media and telecom policy advocacy,
drawing specific recommendations in areas of governance, power-sharing and
structure. Produced for the Social Science Research Council program, “Necessary
Knowledge for a Democratic Public Sphere.”

Wed, 2005-06-01 20:00
public interest media and telecom policy

The Makings of a Social Movement? Strategic Issues and Themes in Communications Policy Work


Report from 2004: A bird's eye view of the current strengths and challenges involved in communications policy advocacy and activism, synthesizing ideas future directions and strategies.


Based on more than 60 interviews with advocates, researchers and funders, this report seeks to help frame the field of media/communications policy activism and explore the challenges and future directions for this work.

Listening Project
Article Text: 

See attached pdf (link below)

Questions we might ask when talking about diversity & localism...(that is: What do we really want to measure?)


These questions have emerged from many discussions prior to the
December, 2003 Fordham Conference on Media Diversity and Localism as
well as the panel presentations of the first day. Due to the limited
time we have together, several conference participants have put
together this handout as a way of documenting some of the different
sorts of questions we might put forward to set research agendas and
assess the role of metrics and measures in policymaking.

Sun, 2003-11-30 19:00
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