Listen to the October 2010 Digital Dialogue - Prison Phone Justice: A Communications Right


Telephones are one of our most important and useful modern inventions. Whether wireline or wireless, phones and phone calls are a vital part of our communication system, and a piece of technology that many of us take for granted. Yet for prisoners and their families it’s a different story--phone calls are a privilege, not a right.  As prisoners are increasingly housed in facilities hundreds of miles away from their home communities, telephones become the only way to stay in touch with their loved ones.  At the same time, many states are receiving kickback commissions from the phone companies who are granted exclusive service contracts.  Costs are passed on to family members who foot the bill through exorbitant prices.  Listen to this month's digital dialogue featuring examples of action research, organizing and legal challenges that have exposed the communication rights violations prisoners and their families face--and how they are fighting back!