Post 9-11 Internet Security, Privacy and Surveillance & the Attack on Our Civil Liberties

This month's Digital Dialogue will explore the social, political, legal and ethical implications of increased online government and private sector surveillance in the wake of the tenth anniversary of 9/11. The rise in state-sponsored surveillance has been accompanied by other technological developments, including the monitoring of people's personal lives on social networks such as Facebook. The police and security agencies have access under certain conditions to this information. In the name of "anti-terrorism and national security", the expansion of surveillance and government control over digital personal information has led to the violation of our civil liberties, including the right to maintain private lives online, the right to move freely across borders, and the right to be free from racial, ethnic or religious profiling. Please join us for this special digital dialogue that will feature legal experts and civil liberty advocates that will talk about these post-9/11 on-line surveillance practices and how they are infringing on our civil liberties, privacy and human rights.

Special guests include:

Moderated by Betty Yu, Center for Media Justice